We care about what we use and how we use it. We have carefully sourced our suppliers and checked their production methods. We care because you care.


Sustainably sourced

All of our packaging is
from FSC approved stock


The highest quality

Our fabrics are made
using sustainable sources

Some of our other materials

Our inks

All our tee shirts are screen printed which is a process where inks are passed through a screen by hand onto the T-shirt. As with every aspect of your tee-shirt gift we care to print using environmentally friendly inks. Unlike cheaper vinyl printing you can also iron straight over the design.

Our stock

A premium product needs premium wrapping…but not at the cost of the environment. This paper stock comes from a FSC certified paper supplier using only soy-based inks. At the time of writing 4,813 trees have been replanted by this company.

Our planet

We are a Planet positive company - meaning we put back more than we use - leaving the World a better place. We only use FSC approved stock and plant more trees than we use in any packaging.